The 2,620 Mile Iron Will Challenge Tribute for Marc Fucarile


We are approaching the one-year anniversary of the most infamous Boston Marathon. We must not forget the survivors who struggle every day to achieve some sort of normalcy. Marc Fucarile suffered life threatening injuries on that day but is making an outstanding recovery. Since the beginning Mark has been guarded and supported by his fiancée Jen Reagan, brother Ed Fucarile, sister Stephanie, grandmother and his entire family, friends and caregivers who have all stood together united during his recovery.

The pressure Marc as an ambassador and his family support team face every day is enormous. Marc endures severe pain each and every day and is recovering from head trauma, leg amputation and shrapnel in his legs and heart. Marc is a warrior and his entire family are seasoned soldiers who reinforce his march forward. The road to recovery is a steep hill that will be achieved one step at a time. God has a reason for Marc Fucarile to be alive. He is living proof that one act of terror breeds one thousand acts of kindness.

To honor Mark’s iron will and to raise additional funds needed to replace artificial limbs every three to five years and the associated medical costs I will be running 2,620 miles in 2014. The Iron Will Challenge is to run 2,620 miles one marathon 26.2 miles for each day that Marc was in the hospital 100 days. I ran the Boston Marathon last year and was stopped on Boylston Street and ten of my family members were in harms way. We will finish strong this year.

Stoneham Strong

On April 21st I will be running the Boston Marathon giving my very best to honor the survivors and to raise funds for Marc. My next stop will be six days later in North Andover to run The Earth Rock Run marathon. I will then travel to Beijing to run the Great Wall of China Marathon 5,164 steps into history on May 17th 2014 God willing. On June 7th 2014 I will be running the TARC 100 a grueling 100-mile trail race in Westford Ma. There will be many other small races and in November 2014 I will attempt Ironman Arizona. All of my training runs and races will be tracked on Nike + Running and in November I will be closing in on 2,620 miles. My goal is to help raise $26,260 plus for Marc Fucarile and to respect his tenacity.

Please take a minute out of your busy schedule and find the time to make a generous donation. I will be collecting checks from all those who have already committed and look forward to great support from the community. Please make checks out to Marc Fucarile Fund C/O Stoneham Federal Credit Union 40 Pine Street Stoneham Ma. 02180 or stop by with a cash donation. In addition you can send a donation online by logging on to the Go Fund Me Page by Stephanie Fucarile Baron and help Marc Fucarile with a generous donation and inspirational message. If you need any additional information please feel free to contact me or if you would like to help in any way.